FMC control units

With 50 years’ experience as a manufacturer and user of traffic control technology we developed this control-unit series especially for operation on construction sites.
FABEMA® FMC-NL and FMC-X are multifunctional control units for light signalling systems with up to 64 signalling groups and up to 448 signalling lights to meet technical traffic control requirements ranging from simple to complex solutions.

The FABEMA® FMC requires very little installation work thanks to its 2-cable technology and can be operated, as required, with freely selectable open ring wiring or as prescribed star wiring in accordance with type class "D" of the TL-LSA 97 technical regulations applying in Germany – and all without costly data distributors or terminal resistances.

The intelligent, fully monitored LED traffic lights guarantee safety functions in accordance with EN 50556, with connection options for three independent detectors, buttons, induction loops or cameras each. The system can be operated on network-power, network-power-independent battery operation or hybrid operation is possible.

FMC control units FMC-NL and FMC-X
FMC control units FMC-NL and FMC-X

FMC control units FMC-NL and FMC-X

FMC control units FMC-NL and FMC-X

At a glance:

FABEMA® Traffic Studio X graphic programming software for fully traffic-dependent programming. Data transmission to the control system, without RS232, by means of a network interface (RJ 45) using any commercially available computer or by means of a USB cable/stick.

All required traffic-engineering documents and programs can be generated in a single operation with FABEMA® Traffic Studio X and be uploaded directly to the FMC controller by the traffic engineer.

We offer you equipment and user support direct from our experienced soft-/hardware developers and our in-house traffic engineers.

6.5” touchscreen display with 640x480 pixel resolution and 24 bit colour depth for operating the traffic control system also display and simulation of traffic control programs are standard features in the control unit. Recording, documentation and printout of operational sequences and signalling statuses in real time. Ability to Change non-safety-related system parameters during operation.

Storage of various construction phases in the control unit (no costly and time-consuming reprogramming required on site).

Provision of complex nodes with independent control of up to 4 sub-nodes.

Output of the source file in text format, thus implementing all traffic-related requirements down to BIT level.

Ability to coordinate with neighbouring light signalling systems or central computers by means of GPS.

Synchronous time signal using an integrated antenna for GPS, UMTS and LTE, for wireless Internet connection providing remote maintenance/control of the system through secure VPN.

Allowance for Public transportation and Emergency vehicle remote switching is optionally available.

The system is protected by a professional, double-walled outdoor cabinet made of IP55 aluminium with passive temperature compensation as well as lighting and lockable cable entries.

The component design of the controller system is extremely service-friendly: if necessary, the operator can easily replace components him- or herself.

Connection option for additional peripherals such as hand-held radio transmitters, code locks, etc.

Further accessories