Repair and upgrades:

Repair by FABEMA®

We know what impact a failure caused by a defective traffic light system can have on the productivity of your company. For this reason, the “Repairs” business is also a very important responsibility for FABEMA®. We provide fast response by reliable specialists who will repair your traffic signal system immediately as required.

The scope of our services includes:
  • Error analysis through function and long-term tests, climate chambers, etc.
  • Repair is carried out exclusively using original FABEMA® replacement parts.
  • Upgrades (e.g. extension to include LED technology)

If necessary, we will also take care of the entire logistics, from collecting your traffic signalling system to sending it back after successful repairs. We work together with reputable and reliable logistics partners who guarantee safe and timely transport of your traffic light system. Simply ask for our shipping form at

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