The first TÜV-certified complete mobile system with proof of safety.
Why choose anything else now?

We have been dealing with the requirements of the future for years and have worked steadily to make our vision come true: FABEMA® SECURION.

With professionalism and expertise, the new FABEMA® SECURION product family was designed in accordance with the current standards DIN EN 50556, DIN VDE 0832, NEN 3384, as a reaction of a German innovative manufacturer to the changing European market and to be able to serve the customer requirements of the future.

EN 50556 as well as DIN VDE 0832 are now also applicable to mobile traffic signal systems.

FABEMA Securion Maxi Steuergerät für mobile Lichtsignalanlagen mit Tüv-zertifizierung

The product family that changes everything: FABEMA® SECURION.

New specifications. Your obligations.

FABEMA® SECURION heralds a new era of mobile traffic light systems!

Take advantage of the novelty in traffic technology: The first mobile multifunctional control units of the new FABEMA® SECURION product family, which feature the prescribed functional safety of the entire system and comply with all applicable standards.

Fabema Securion Mini und Midi für mobile Lichtsignalanlagen mit Tüv-zertifizierung
Steuergerät Securion Maxi Mini und Midi

Aerospace, medicine, rail and road traffic technology -
what do these industries have in common?

Functional safety

The safety verification according to Safety Integrity Level 3 (SIL3), which must be presented with immediate effect, is causing the transport industry to change.

Functional safety is used when products or systems are so complex that their safety can no longer be adequately tested in a simple way. Already during the development steps of complex processes, systematic hardware and software errors should be excluded as far as possible by following the principles of functional safety.

The foundation of the FABEMA® SECURION product family is the control unit with its peripherals, whose functional safety is continuously evaluated and certified by TÜV Rheinland experts to protect people and the environment from malfunctions and thus ensure maximum safety.

The new safety standard for mobile traffic signal systems is mandatory with immediate effect.


One concept. One product family. Two strong partners.

For 50 years, we have been exclusively involved in the development and production of market-driven construction site traffic signal systems.

Our experts, with their experience gained over the years, offer you products and service that are second to none.

The unique FABEMA® service:

In-house development of our hardware and SIL3 software
In-house assembly of the hardware components
In-house hardware support
In-house software support
On-site support by FABEMA specialists
Customer service and maintenance by FABEMA® specialists

We also guarantee:

Continuous further development of the programming and configuration software FABEMA® TrafficStudio
In-house support of TrafficStudio.
Traffic engineering support and knowledge transfer by the in-house FABEMA® traffic engineering office, both via the hotline and through our regular training courses on site at your premises or at FABEMA®'s premises.

Everything from one source! Use the competences from our house to make the roads safer, together with you.
FABEMA Traffic Studio Securion

FABEMA Traffic Studio Securion

FABEMA Securion Maxi Steuergerät für mobile Lichtsignalanlagen mit Tüv-zertifizierung
You need a mobile control unit with safety verification for complex, but often also for less complex requirements and still cannot do without the TÜV-certified overall system from FABEMA®?

We have a solution for you for this as well - our scalable technology of the FABEMA® SECURION family at a glance.

The Essentials:

Safety integrity level SIL3
Safety verification according to EN 50556 / DIN VDE 0832
External assessment by TÜV Rheinland®
External inspection by VQZ Bonn
EN 50556 conformity
DIN VDE 0832 conformity
TL'97 / (TL'22 draft) Conformity Type: "D”
RiLSA2015 Conformity
RSA21 Conformity
DIN 32981 Conformity
VOB 2019 Conformity

Key Features

FABEMA Securion Maxi FABEMA Securion Midi FABEMA Securion Mini
Freely configurable and programmable Yes Yes No
Number of signal groups Max. 64 Max. 8 3/4
Number of SSK (signal switch cards) Max. 64 Max. 8 4
Number of data bus outputs 4x4 1x2 1x2 intern
Number of intelligent main signal heads Max. 64 Max. 8 4 fix
Number of parallel secondary signal heads Max. 64 Max. 8 2 fix
Number of additional signal heads Max. 64 Max. 8 2 optional
Blind signaling according to DIN 32981:2018-06 Yes Yes Yes
Number of audio-tactile blind signaling devices (AUTA) Max. 64 Max. 8 2 optional
230V/AC mains voltage supply (VDE 3.2.8) Yes (*1) (*1)
48V/DC Central battery supply (VDE 3.2.8) Yes (*1) (*1)
12V/DC Decentralized battery supply (VDE 3.2.9) Yes Yes Yes


Programming with FABEMA® TrafficStudio (*1) (*1) No / fix
Addressing with signal head configuration device (*1) (*1) No / fix
Site acceptance test (SAT) according to VDE by of UGE/UGA tester Yes (*1) Yes (*1) Yes (*1)


Control unit 1 1 1
Power unit 2 0 0
Data unit 4 1 1
GPRS(DCF)/LTE antenna 1 1 1
Analog input/output unit 2 0 0
LTE remote monitoring modem (*1) 0 0
SMS fault reporting modem (*1) (*1) (*1)
GSM remote switching unit (*1) 0 0
UPS unit (*1) 0 0
VPN connection (*1) 0 0
Signal head configuration device (*1) (*1) 0
UGE/UGA tester for Site acceptance test (SAT) (*1) (*1) (*1)
Construction site suitable data cable 4-wire 2x2x0,75 2mm unshielded 2x2x0,75 2mm unshielded 2x2x0,75 2mm unshielded
Construction site suitable supply cable 2-wire 2x6 2mm unshielded 2x6 2mm unshielded 2x6 2mm unshielded
Additional electronics at traffic light pole Not required Not required Not required
Terminal resistor plugs for bus lines Not required Not required Not required

*1) Accessories