Type COM/FUG mobile pedestrian protection system

For safety

The COM/FUG is a mobile pedestrian signalling system for 230 V power supply or 12 V battery operation.
It comprises two fully galvanized signal masts on each of which are mounted two vehicle traffic control lights, a pedestrian traffic control light, the electronic control unit and the pedestrian crossing push-button. The multi-piece signal masts enable the system to be easily transported with a mini-van. For battery operation full-surface Phantom class 4 LED lights are used to ensure the best visibility even in poor lighting conditions.

Programming is done by means of the control panel, which consists of a membrane keyboard and an LCD display. Warning information and error messages are displayed in plain text through the user-friendly menu system. Depending on the equipment, it is also possible to operate the traffic light in radio controlled mode.

The signalling system detects the pedestrian crossing request by means of special push-buttons, which are largely protected against tampering by their design. The system is optionally available with a counter and special request buttons. In order to meet the diverse requirements, the following functions are integrated:
  • Choice between on-demand and fixed-time operation
  • Six daily programmes
  • Night shutdown in flashing and dark mode
  • weekend shutdown in flashing and dark mode
  • Electricity saving through step less brightness control

  • All signal systems meet the requirements of the technical regulations applying in Germany.

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