TÜV Rheinland-certified mobile pedestrian protection system according to TL tLSA 22


The FABEMA® SECURION MINI-FÜ is a dedicated mobile pedestrian protection system that, depending on requirements, can be equipped with the audio-tactile additional device for blind and visually impaired individuals, FABEMA® AUTA.
The novelty in traffic technology: FABEMA® SECURION MINI-FÜ forms a component of the first mobile multifunctional control units of the new FABEMA® SECURION product family, which demonstrate the required functional safety of the entire system and comply with the currently valid standards.

The FABEMA® SECURION MINI-FÜ is delivered as standard with pre-installed device power supply options. Choose from various pre-installed device power supplies:
  • Different road widths
  • Adjustable green times
  • With or without FABEMA® AUTA

  • Flexible: The pedestrian protection system can be powered by a 12V battery operation or a 230V mains operation. Battery replacement can be easily carried out during ongoing operations.

FABEMA® MINI FÜ - Mobile Ampelsysteme aus dem Bergischen Land

For us, pedestrian protection systems mean more than just safety.

New requirements. Your obligations.

With the introduction of the Guidelines for the traffic-related securing of workplaces on roads, issue 21 (RSA 21), the use of additional equipment for blind and visually impaired individuals is mandatory for any newly installed mobile or construction site traffic light system, as well as replacement systems with pedestrian crossings (see RSA 21, Chapter 3, Para. 3.2, Sect. 1c, 2).

The FABEMA® AUTA is an audio-tactile additional device for mobile traffic light systems to enable safe crossing for blind and visually impaired individuals at mobile pedestrian crossings. The push button, with its second button mounted on the underside for the non-seeing individual, provides the possibility to react technically and, for example, extend release and clearing times. As a reliable partner, we provide the required blind and visually impaired technology with the FABEMA® AUTA to fulfil our obligation.

    The Essentials:

  • Safety integrity level SIL3
  • Safety verification according to EN 50556 / DIN VDE 0832
  • External assessment by TÜV Rheinland®
  • External inspection by VQZ Bonn
  • EN 50556 conformity
  • DIN VDE 0832 conformity
  • TL'97 / (TL tLSA 22 draft) Conformity Type: "D”
  • RiLSA2015 Conformity
  • RSA21 Conformity
  • DIN 32981 Conformity
  • VOB 2019 Conformity

Tactile push-button for a FABEMA® traffic light system