We professionally plan traffic safety control and light-signalling systems.

In order to meet legal requirements and to legally release all those involved in the process from sole responsibility for correct installation, correct operation, maintenance and tendering, we offer you products, know-how transfer, and our qualified support, should you reach your capacity limits.

We support you as required from the quotation phase through to acceptance. FABEMA® is your solution to the problem of mobile traffic signalling systems. No project is too big, no project too complex. Planning, conception and realisation – FABEMA® gives you specialist support. Our specialist departments accompany you through all planning and realisation phases.

FABEMA aus Köln stellt Verkehrsschilder für die Verkehrsabsicherung und Baustellen her
  • Planning
  • Calculation/costing
  • Generation of traffic sign plans
  • Generation of signal layout plans
  • Generation of traffic engineering documents for light signalling systems
  • Programming and provision of light signalling systems
  • Realisation of the complete traffic light system

We advise you in detail and work with you to find the right solution for your construction project.

Wartung von Lichtsignalanlagen und Ampeln

Download the example of a crossing (in Potternewton Lane/Harrogate Road in Leeds, United Kingdom) as a traffic engineering document (PDF) here.